March 28th: An Amazon Chronicles Event

Greetings friends,

This will be a quick update. I’m writing a long overdue note to tell you about an upcoming event, in Philadelphia, on Thursday, March 28th. It’s going to be a dinner party, basically, but with me as the guest of honor, talking about all things Amazon. Here are the details:

Thursday, March 28 2019

6:00 PM — 9:00 PM

Pilcrow House welcomes Tim Carmody, publisher of the Amazon Chronicles newsletter and former writer for WIRED and The Verge. Join us for an intimate three-course dinner on the most important company of our lifetimes: Amazon. This event is an intimate private dinner featuring structured and unstructured conversation with one of the internet’s best thinkers on Amazon + technology and culture. You WILL enjoy this event if any of these apply to you: You want to better understand the complicated strategy of Amazon You are concerned about how Amazon is reshaping our cities You breathlessly followed the HQ2 sweepstakes You want to spend a fun evening and lively conversation discussing an important issue

Tickets for the event cost $89; that includes dinner and drinks at The Twisted Tail, one of Philly’s best restaurants and bars, and that’s where most of the money’s going.

Those of you who know me know how special the city of Philadelphia is to me; it’s where I lived for nine years, and where both of my sons were born, and it’s an honor to be asked back to give a talk about the thing I’m thinking about these days as much as I’ve ever thought about anything. I can promise that for my part, everyone who can come will get their money’s worth.

It also sets up an exciting precedent of, maybe not this elaborate, but me coming to various cities around the country (around the world?) and doing talks on Amazon and meeting Amazon Chronicles readers. I think that’s very cool!

So please, if you’re in Philadelphia or adjacent to it, consider checking out this event. We’re going to have a great meal and a fun time. Sean Blanda from Pilcrow House is putting together a really exciting series of speakers and he’s trying all sorts of different formats to find the one that clicks best with audiences. This is the first full meal format, and I hope it’s a success.

See you next week with more Amazon news,

Tim Carmody